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Manufacturing Execution System Software is a group of WEB based applications for managing, retrieving, and displaying process information gathered during your production cycle. Because the data is collected in real-time, everyone involved in the process from operators through management have the ability to make informed decisions and corrections as soon as problems develop. The software has the ability to group or overlay data from different products for comparison of critical key process parameters. This is very useful in determining various discrepancies between process groups. The information can be displayed in either tabular or graphic form.
Do you want to audit your manufacturing process while it is in operation to make sure critical manufacturing processes are within specification? Do you want to compare current production with last weekís production to make sure they are the same? Do you want audited discrepancies logged during production? Then an MES software package can sort this out to keep your production in specification and the process quality exactly where it needs to be.
Features of PMC Systems Limited MES software:
  • Provides product or material routing through various operations of manufacturing

  • Tracks grandparent/parent/child relationships that develop during product processing

  • Provides recipes for the various operations along the product routing throughout manufacturing process. MES will query the database for the correct recipe parameters for a given location

  • Displays operation recipes for operator review

  • Downloads or transfers recipes directly to the controlling PLC, PC or embedded controller at each operation of the process

  • Attaches process data to the product at the completion of each operationís recipe during the productís route though your process

  • Monitors the progress of the recipe execution in the control system

  • Performs real-time audits while the control system is running the process

  • Logs alarm and event information from the control system and the auditing software module

  • Allows editing of the various recipes

  • Allows the selection of alternate routing based on manufacturing equipment availability

  • Provides for a central data base to store recipe and process data for each product and operation in the entire process

  • Provides custom reports for all process data which can be organized for production, management, and operations people

  • All reports are WEB based applications and can be accessed using your own WEB browser over the Internet